Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The boy and the advertising agency

Here's a story about a boy and an advertising agency.

Once upon a time there lived a boy who was waiting for a job and upon waiting for his so
called dream job to hop on his lap, he decided to burn some time. Little that he know that
his time burning was to become a big forest fire in his little life.

One of his X-working partner recommended him to join this agency cause they needed people
and our young little "Jeremy" was just the perfect victim. Without a job and wasting his time
rotting at home, little Jeremy took up this task. Even though he hated advertising, he was
hungry for "figures" and need money to harvest them (see how money and addiction can
change a person's perceptive to do even the things they hate).

On the day of the interview, our hobbit wanna-be boy was dressed to perfection. His shirt
was tucked in
and he even combed his hair all back to look neat. He got the job with a pretty
good pay. Our little hero
was still in doubt about working in an advertising firm but with 3 familiar faces surrounding him. He could bear with it for a little while, it was almost like working in his old company. It was fun and the environment was surrounded with joy and laughter but as they say
...all light must also have darkness
to balance the circle of life.

Work started to pour in and it was from 2 of the major brands of our little island. Their motto
was "if we give it to you now, we want it 5 minutes ago". Lil Jeremy had to start his day at
9.30 and 87% of the time he had to go back at 10pm or even worst, STAY BACK!. That's the
word he dreaded to hear but work is work. This little nerd had to learn on "how to sleep in the
office" and he passed it with flying colors, Congrats! He even noticed that "clients" can be a
pain in the part of your body that the sun doesn't want to shine. Our small human was going
mad with changers after changers after changers. Or after the whole night doing and slogging
to finished up a job. They say 4 words that can change his day, "I don't like it". He was growing
sick and tired of this 2 so called major clients. "Don't they know we are homosepiens and not robots!" Jeremy yelled.

Day in and day out his life was becoming lifeless and even though he was happy with the people
he was surrounded with, he was un-happy with being one of the walking dead. On days that he
had to stay back, he appreciated the sun light which shined warm bright light on his face. "I"
the writer even teased him once with him staying back to work and all, sorry dude. Once he even
saw a "thing" that really brighten up his day after the long night took his soul apart. It was a
model's under-garment. As he drove up from the parking basement, he and his jolly group noticed
a group of photographers taking pictures of models for some reason. As one of them crossed her
leg, the light purple garment shined onto his face and like "The Joker" this brat smiled from one
end to the other end of face (Pervert!).

At the end of the day, Jeremy learned and gained new experience from this agency. He
meet new people with views on life, different cultures and a good time with food. Though he
may moan and complain like a little girl. He is happy that he had this journey in life which made
him a better man!? Yeah Right! so says "I" the writer.

So did he live happily ever after? Who knows what this little dweeb is scheming up now?

quote of the day -
Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, I'll be back.
-Ghostbusters 2- Vigo