Friday, 17 October 2008

Embrace Change

We are a shape-shifting race of aliens known on your world as the Skrulls. Although
naturally green-skinned, we have the ability to take the form of
any human or animal.
Recent events in the far reaches of the galaxy led to
the destruction of our home world
and the decimation of our formerly glorious
empire. We found ourselves without a home,
until now. According to sacred
scriptures, there is a planet originally intended for us by
our deity. He is
a benevolent being who loves all very much, and who, along with our
Queen, has
led us on our long exodus here, to join you on this wonderful world you call

Quite simply, we are here for you. We are here to save your planet and your society
from your own actions. We come not as an alien armada, invading
your lands as conquerors.
Claims of this so called Secret Invasion by disreputable
publications like the Daily Bugle, are
part of a conspiracy engineered to divert
the media and public attention from our true goals
which are completely altruistic.
To help spread our message and hold off forces of those who
claim they are here to
protect you, we have found it necessary to replace these "heroes,"
such as Spider-Woman
and Iron Man, with our own agents. We have been forced to defend our
actions against
this super-hero community not because we are villainous, but because we are
able to do what they could not, or have chosen to ignore. We are here to help you by
offering cures to all of your diseases, solutions to your energy crisis, fertile crops
to those
who go hungry, stability to impoverished nations, and a unified government for
all - thereby
ending political strife. We can cure all that is wasting this world.

Simply add any one of these wallpapers to your computer at home or in the
office and
if anyone asks about it, explain to them the cause. The more people know,
the easier it
becomes. Also feel free to pass around the link to this website and get
more people involved.
Then Voila! Your support of the Skrull movement will be visible
to all passers-by

Don't let her spoil your home planet

quote of the day -
You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace
unless he has his freedom.
-Malcolm X-

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