Sunday, 9 October 2011

Where do you look?

Ok, so lets say a girl walks by, so which part of her do you actually look at?
Here's a diagram pointing out the differences between men & women, (male
being the blue & female being the red) & where they feast their eyes upon.
Surprisingly, this diagram, conducted by survey is devastating accurate! No
wonder females dress to kill! No matter if its the dead cold of winter, or the
flaming heat of summer, if they show just a lil' skin! Presto! all eyes will be
on em'.

Well, personally, if "I" look at a girl, it would be the face! Cause "I" the writer is a
sucker for "kawaii" faces! Boobs, butt, or even those long lushes legs, comes 3rd! &
am not much of a "hot-girl" person, cute'ness means the world to me!

"You" the reader might be wondering, what is that small girl saying, well to "subtitle"
she says “Look at the boots, the boots!" but we all know that's what you wont be
lookin' at huh, both guys & girls!


Nana Eddy said...

Actually, I do look at the boots. hehe. Girls are like that.

And I usually look at face as well, and hair. Unless they are wearing some interesting accessories that catch my attention first.

Carina said...

I look at their boobs too eh! And leg! haha.WEird heh?

"I" the writer said...

@Nana:. Lookin' @ their interesting accessories, meaning their "BLING" huh ;) Its normal hehe

@Carina:. Hmmmm, ur bf must be a lucky person, both of u can "watch" gals together ;P Weird is good!