Friday, 5 August 2011

Life @ Apex Pal

@ Apex Pal a.k.a Sakae Sushi, Senjyu & Sakae Sushi: Teppanyaki, "I" was
trained to think more like Marketing Executive.

@ Apex Pal HQ, "I" was the only colored person there, thus "I" stand out!
A place where everyone knew my name.

@ Apex Pal, my designs were improved to the marketing side of the force.

@ Apex Pal, "I" used to say, "I" designed everything in the outlet! Just
to show off.

@ Apex Pal, Sakae Sushi, "I" was their official photographer for events, planting
a seed to love photography in a way.

@ Apex Pal, "I" meet a girl, a normal co-worker which "I" call my sister for another
mum & dad, a person who scolded me, shared her secrets with me & drank with me
every 1st week of the month.

@ Apex Pal, "I" "kinda" learned to deal with people, such as suppliers & clients...
still, it aint my strong point.

@ Apex Pal, our team work together, stayed till the full moon is full & enjoy the
fruits of our hard-work as a unit.

@ Apex Pal, on the 1st day of the interview, my manager asked, "Do you know
Sakae Sushi?"
& "I" answered, No! But still manage to get the job.

@ Apex Pal, "I" am grateful to have such a caring manager who is always there to
right my wrongs & show us the way to be all "I" can be with a simple "speech".

@ Apex Pal, "I" was famous, my name was called every few minuets, different people
from different departments called my name to help em' out in their design dilemma, "I"
began getting bored of my name.

@ Apex Pal, "I" had the privilege to dine with a wonderful GM, & a super friendly founder.

@ Apex Pal, Senjyu was my 1st ever experience of dining in @ a "Fine Dinning" restaurant.

@ Apex Pal, kids, children sushi making workshops & colorful designs was my specialty.

@ Apex Pal, "I" learned the difference between kissing an upper level's ass & talking sense
an upper level.

@ Apex Pal, "I" was the mascot's personal assistance.

@ Apex Pal, my music was the most annoying of em' all.

@ Apex Pal, "I" was considered an alcoholic & also a child, because "I" collect figures.

@ Apex Pal, my team-mates would be amazed by the styles "I" can do with my hair.

@ Apex Pal, my understanding of the Chinese language increased!

@ Apex Pal, "I" would like to thank everyone who guided me to be the best! Nuff said!

PLUS! Movies of the Future!
Here's an official photo of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman from
Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, next summer's blockbuster.

Meet the new Judge Dredd, played by Karl Urban.

Also! The new "Man of Steel", British actor Henry Cavill will be as bad ass as
they come. This new Superman movie will be directed by Zack Snyder.

BONUS! 9 year old wrestler
Now that's 1 heck of a "real" fight!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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