Saturday, 27 August 2011

Conan, a bloody review

"I" may have missed The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but not Conan the Barbarian,
1 of my favorite characters of all time. "I" was a lil' spectacle on this version, the guy
wasn't as buff' as Arnie was, & from the trailer, the storyline was a bit weak.

But! Damn was "I" wrong! It was a bloody fun experience! The main man hardy landed
a smirk on his face & hell, was he a violent barbarian! This movie was made for men! It
had guts! & most of it was found on the ground, too bad most of it was censored by
our loving government, thus! "I" shall wait for its official DVD release for a true
bloodied dismemberment" experience!

The movie started off as promising as they come by, a history of Conan & his slayed
Conan now a wanderer, searching high & low for his revenge, he finds a woman &
they destinies are crossed. The best thing about this movie, its 1 fight scene after another,

its mindless & that's pure entertainment!

So, in conclusion, "I" had fun! & after that movie, Final Destination 5 was on our list
just to see the girls scream to tickle my funny bone.

PLUS! Control Freak
From the all so classic & legendary Atari to the complicated Xbox 360,
its an evolution of joy-pads.

BONUS! GARO Makai Battle Chronicle
Finally! After years of waiting in the dark! The golden Makai Knight returns
to our screens on
October 6th, Ya"freaking"hoo!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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