Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Hero Influence

In us there lives a an urge, its that same urge that drives us to do good, its an
urge to be a hero. In our very normal lives, we tend to want "something" very
extraordinary, it may be, the power to control a powerful corporation that strives
on helping a poor neighborhood, or even a task that includes saving a damsel from
a group of thugs, but! In reality, we dont have that "right" or the "will" or that "inner-
strength" to do so.

When we see a bag being snatched from a lady, what do we do? Do we run after the
thief? No! We look the other way, too scared that we might get hurt in the process,
but there are some real live superheroes out there, that live through the glory of
wanting to do more! Without a cape or without a mask, they are the people that give
us our deeming light strength, a pillar of hope.

Why do we love superheros? Cause they are everything we're not!

Here's an HBO Documentary on the world of real-life caped crusaders, an inspiration
by Kick-Ass perhaps?

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