Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saturday's 3some meal

Saturday, a day of rest & eternal (in a day) peace, a day which "I' would wake up
early just to touch my baby, my beloved PS3. My best day of the week & the day
which "I" would waste time doin' meaningless stuff, but! Sad to say that, the past
Saturday was anything but that, & it all starts with my car tires...

As "I" worked till the moon shined bright on Friday, my Saturday's rest was interrupted with a
responsibility of changing my car's shoes & aligning my steering wheel straight. It seem to be
a common deal to "do" your car at the wee hours of 8.30am as many of the common folks
would do the same. Went to the car "repair" house & "I" was already 4th in line, dammit!

Thank the heavens for PSP! My hours of waiting became a breeze & "I" was off to making
a suit! Hell Yeah! My 1st suit! Just for me cousin's wedding, my suit was being "custom" made
to suit my "hobbit" like body. Its been light years, since "I" stepped into a tailor. The feeling
of being measured is "uncanny", now "I" know what it feels like when coffin is bein' made to
suit your body. Materials were chosen, they took down the "style" that "I" wanted, the
cost, RM700!! Curse me to the land of fairies! DAMN! Who in the blue hell knew that suits
were this expensive! "I" decided to go out & buy 1, but then! The expert tailor explained
that buying 1 is almost the same price...Is this a hoax? No! "I" saw it with me own eyes,
just a freaking jacket is almost RM400. "I" turn back & said, "Mr. Tailor, do your stuff!"

Next on me Saturday's list, a lunch date with all me co-workers, where else? But at that
eating spot with the green frog is a logo, Sakae Sushi!
1 of the office staff was about to
be "air-flown" to HK, so for her good-bye lunch @ Sakae was the perfect ideal. Jokes
filled the air, but somehow this sky was clouded by a tint of sadness. She was "the big
sister" & the right-hand woman to our manager, seeing her go, it will definitely bring
a black hole in our department. Replacing her outrageous laugh & her "act-now" attitude
is "freaking" impossible. "I" just wanna say thanks sis! You will be missed!

Next stop, Subang for my cousins, aunt & mum's birthday fusion. A 4 in 1 birthday
celebration with a handful of adults & a nation filled with young'lings. This gathering
made me feel as old as Merlin, the young farts ran, played & a group of "raging
hormone" teens, hiding at the corner of the wall, chatted up with some young
chicks & 1 of em' was me coming of age cousin! DAMN! How fast they grow up,
"I" once held her as a tiny baby & now she is all grown up, it kinda brings a tear
to me eye that "I" cant tease her any more...sigh. "I" sat at the side of the pool,
noticing all that was happening around me, a sense of how time flies was upon me.
The world seems to move faster then usual, "I" had to somehow catch up...then in
a splinter of that moment, a call arrived, "Hey, lets go clubbing!"

So, "I" made up me mind, "clubbing! Here "I" come!". "I" & me mates walked into the club,
as pack as a tuna sandwich & as smoky as the "mist", "I" was shock to find me mate's gf's
cousins conquered the entire 3 tables. All girls & only 3 males, "I' was as shy like a kid's
1st day of school. It was nerve wrecking to be invited to a "family affair", like a stranger's
hand in my refrigerator. Non the less, it was a night of fun & it lasted till 6am! My friend
appeared as a gentle shy guy to his gf's cousin, after a few drinks, he became the talk of
the round girl table, he was dancing with all of em, appeared "extremely" friendly then usual.
How a few bottles alcohol can change a person's personality 360 degrees around, it still
amazes me.

An awesome Saturday it was, tired to my soul but over joyed to have joined 3
groups of people that bring excitement to my tiny life.

PLUS! Top 10 Cute Girly Mannerisms
Cute girls, the things that do to get ones attention, through their cutesy
way is simply damn affective. If "I" would see a "freaking" cute reaction, "I"
would go "awwww" & it gets me every "freaking" time! DAMN! Nuff' of that,
here are the top 10 cute girl mannerisms, as voted by the Japanese to draw
male's attention & that they find most appealing.

1| She tugs your sleeve (7745)
2| She’s always smiling (7051)
3| She casts you an upward gaze (3898)

4| She makes a lonely face when you part (2971)

5| She makes a duck face (2679)

6| She puffs up her cheeks (2047)

7| She sneezes cutely (1469)

8| She tilts her head (1432)

9| She blinks when surprised (605)

EXTRA! Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary
As old as my mum, the 1st Kamen Rider series was introduced in April 3 '71, & has
ever been
a hit among kids & adults alike through the ages. Here's a commercial
celebrating its
40th year Anniversary, with the 1st Rider, & the current Rider OOO.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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