Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Death & New Ultimate Spider-Man

Its like freaking confirm Spider-geeks! Our beloved web-head kicks the bucket!
He buys the farm! He's goin' to a better place! This post is a the "mother" of all
Spidey spoilers! Click back! If "you" the reader don't wanna get the "heat" of this
major "freaking" event! So here goes, with a hyped "I", "I" am sadden to announced
that, Ultimate Spider-Man dies & "I" am proud that he died a hero!

In ULTIMATE AVENGERS vs NEW ULTIMATES #3, the Punisher attempts assassinate
Captain America, but fails! Why!? The bullet shot by that damn Punisher, pierced
your "friendly neighborhood's" stomach! Curses! Thus! Begins the "Death of Spider-Man" arc.

With every death, a new beginning shall emerge, meet the new webslinger!

His identity is yet to be relieved but so how, "I" have a "gut" feeling that its Ben Reilly,
but who know? Maybe its not? The Ultimate Universe has the nerve to give use "heart
attacks" time & time again, the mystery will be un-masked soon enough.

PLUS! Naruto goes to jail!
Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison, is the 8th overall animated movie in the entire
Naruto anime film series. Sad to say, we will get to enjoy Naruto's prison life next
year when it comes on DVD...sigh...


Nick said...

oh no :( the spiderman die d? :\

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"I" the writer said...

He's not dead, just replaced. The Legend of Spider-Man will never die