Sunday, 10 April 2011

Noise Makers @ Cinema

“I” :. 4 ticket for Just Go With It, please.
Ticket girl:. Sorry, only got 2 rows from the screen.
“I”:. Ok, give me Rio
Ticket girl:. Same.
“I” in my mind:. (Cursing my head off!)
“I” :. Ok, then 4 tickets for Gantz.
Ticket girl :. Here you go sir.
“I” : Thanks!
Friends:. What’s Gantz
“I”:. Its an action flick.
Friends:. Ooohh!

As we walked in late, we had to “bang legs” with a stream of people as
“I” like to get the best seats in the house, the middle!
The movie began!
The train scene, the 2 females beside me, sealed their eyes with their hands.
The next scene was as gore as a
“woman’s special time or the month”, as “I”
was having the time of my life laughing at my 2 friends, behind me, 2 sons of
Talking as loud as a monster’s poop hit the ground, like it was their
mother house! Damn freaking annoying! My 2 friends shouted at
me, “Whaa your
type of action movie like this one ar?!” “I” just smiled.

So as the 3rd scene appeared, 1 hid inside my jacket & the other “played”
with her hand-phone. It was seriously amusing to see em’
This way. My insides
were laughing so hard it hurts! As for the noise behind, its getting louder, the
bunch had no F===ing (fill in the blanks)
respect for the others, we paid for the
ticket too!! My mood for enjoying the movie went down to freaking 30%! Why on
god’s green Earth must “I”
Be in the same cinema with these guys? What have “I”
done to deserve this!? Curses!!

Well, it was an enjoyable movie, “I” rate Gantz 4/10, the reason, the atmosphere
sucked! Nuff’ Said! Next time, "I" wanna watch Scream 4 with these 3!

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