Monday, 14 February 2011

Movies of the Future!

It sure has been a wait huh, but behold! Movies to soon invade your eyes.

Tomie Unlimited
Its certainly been a while since "I" seen a good spine-chilling horror movie.
The Tomie series is as good as it gets, now a new movie arises!

Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Accel
Accel & W is back! On the big "freaking" screen! With Accel's new form.

X-Men: First Class
"I" pray to the gods that "they" the Hollywood people get this right!
Love the new yellow suits, so vintage!

The Amazing Spider-Man
Yup! That's the title Columbia Pictures announced & its awesome!
Check out his suit, he looks like Ben Reilly!

Oh toons of the 80's, where o where would the world of movies be without you...
Here's a CGI-animated feature test shot of Warner Bros. next feature.

PLUS! Chevy Cruze, Super Bowl Ad
This surely was built for all those Facebook-oholics!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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