Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ancient Aliens

If you have an open mind, you gotta check this out! History Channel's Ancient Aliens
series tickles the mind & teases us with an age old question, are we truly alone in the
universe? This documentary is not only based on "believers" & alien fans alike, the series
gives evidence, both scientific theories & religious view on a controversial theory of
extraterrestrials interacting with ancient humans.

This 6 part series is divided into various aspects of aliens involvement in mankind's
with irrefutable proof! Historians, archaeologists & even religious believers proves
to us a vast majority of ancient artifacts & ruins, to support their theory that E.T's had
a hand in our evolution. Mysteries that cant be explained, as why the Peruvian Nazca
lines were created, or how the ancient pyramids were built, or what the Easter Island
statues represent, historians & archaeologists have their own accepted theories that
these were the result of outta-this-world meddling.

To those who are religion driven, the series will lite a flame.
Historians take a piece outta
the Bible, Hindu scrolls & ancient paintings to prove a point that, we have been "visited"
in past times.

So, in conclusion, if you open to new believes & theories to some of mankind's most
enduring mysteries, "I" suggest you take a slice out of your life, & give this a world!
It maybe slow but much of the evidence revolves around the polarizing theory of
ancient aliens visiting Earth, to me, that's "freaking" DAMN! Interesting!

PLUS! Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Capcom has announced 2 new secret characters.



The final boss! & the reason, why all this chaos happened in the 1st case! Galactus!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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