Thursday, 10 February 2011

A butt ugly rich guy or damn hot poor hunk!?

Yet another survey from the land of "freaking" cute chicks, the girls of Japan were ask
the ultimate question! Would they marry a "damn freaking ugly as an old man's ass faced"
rich guy or a poor but as handsome as Brad Pitt hunk..."I" was surprised at the response!

- You can’t eat on love alone!
- A hot guy with no cash isn’t trying hard enough!
- Without any cash the strain of life soon erodes any romance.
- Their sense of values is more important than either.
- I’m an ugly so I’ll take whatever I can get!
- Poverty is crushing.
- I don’t really feel a hot guy to be that much of a catch anyway.
- Put next to a really hot guy I’d be worried about what people would say about me…
- Get a rich guy and you can use his money to call over a hot stud while he’s at work all day,
problem solved.

Looks like money does make the world go round & round, in a girl's world that it. It seems
that 79% of the females are prepared to get their materials from a ugly man, & 21% for
the poor dude.

- Here's what the peeps from the world wide web had to say about it:.
- So cash is all that matters, you filthy sows!
- So they’ll just marry a rich guy and have an affair with a hot one then?
- That’s marriage for you.
- The opinions all sound like those of 30+ hags…
- What women are calling ‘ugly’ here is what everyone else would call ‘average’ though.
- Well, they are right. A man’s looks fade through the years…
- For anyone who marries a really ugly guy, rich or not, adultery is the norm.
- Marriage for love is dead then?
- With sufficient funds you can pretty much fix most cases of not being cool though…
- Ask the same of men: 1% = totally ugly but loaded, 99% = gorgeous but poor as a church mouse.
- What fools these women are – they think they become wealthy by marrying a wealthy man.
- Why can’t these women get rich themselves and then support their own really hot poor guy?

- You can always marry a rich ugly, divorce him, take half his money and then marry a hot guy.
- You guys are not different. They pick based on money, you pick based on sex appeal. Or
would you all marry an ugly fat girl with a nice personality?

-What a bitch – ‘You can’t eat on love alone!’ – they have no intention of earning a living
do they?

-I think in actuality a lot of rich ugly guys have trouble getting married whilst almost all the hot
guys are spoken for.

-Play around with nice guys until you’re 25, then find some ugly loser with no experience of love
but a fat purse and bilk him into marrying you – it’s the right choice.

-You can’t live off your face after all.
-Can’t be helped. A man’s worth is money, a woman’s is youth.
-Something like this:
$120k+ salary = 18-year-old girl
$100k+ salary = 20-year-old woman
$80k+ salary = 25-year-oldwoman
$50k+ salary = 30-year-oldwoman
$25k+ salary = 35-year-old woman
Unemployed = 40-year-old woman
-Having money is proof of your vitality so it’s only natural it would be the major criterion
for marriage.

-Try posing the same question with a photograph and I think the answer will differ…
-So the husband is just an ATM…
-You guys are lucky – you’ve a new motivation to work!
-You keep on about equality and independence but when it comes down to it you want to
be supported. Just come out and say you want to parasite someone…

-What a crude bunch, only interested in money. These are the women who are going to
get discarded when they age…

-All you ugly paupers sure are weeping right now, eh?

DAMN! If only this were as easy as the old days...this wouldn't be a problem...

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