Sunday, 10 October 2010

Memorial photography

What does it take to hold a camera, go around taking photos at a memorial? Is it nice?
Will people hate me for snapping photos of them, at the hour of grief? These questions
haunt my mind before the event.

With every task given, "I" will do my "level" best in completing it. This was my 1st,
memorial photo shoot. Was this the best time to use stealth as my weapon?

8 PM, the service began. As the opening speech was given, "I" made as little foot-step
noise as possible. Sneaking in & out of the crowd like a rat at KFC. "I" notice eyes were
homing onto me, with every click "I" pressed. It was possible to smile at them as "I" looked
away but this was a memorial, so "I" just kept my head low as "I" walked pass the crowd.

"I" walked passed, "I" noticed, my zip was on the verge of coming down, dammit! "I"
didn't want to be remembered as the underwear photographer. "Keep cool" "I" thought,
"just cover it with the camera". Like the speed of light, "I" walk-ran to the last row.
The worst could not have come at a better time, a lady with her baby was standing
behind me as "I" zipped up, DAMN!

The night continued with "praise & worship" & speeches from various people,
their final goodbye to the man their honored & cherish.

Just imagine how hard it was to walk around these people, "I" felt as bad as
expired milk. Their time of grief was interrupted by my presences.

As the memorial ended, final respects & condolences were made. My job continued
& it breaks my heart to take these sensitive photos. Non the less, someone had to
photos for future archiving.

The air cleared when the food was served. People were busy catching up with one
another. Smiles & laughter filled this once gloomy room. The best part about this,
taking snap-shots of kids as they made this hour a lil' bit more brighter.

Thus, Chinese girls bein' Chinese girls, their picture had to be taken with various
posses & styles. This was another plus point of the day.

With all said & done, this memorial was a major success. All their hard work paid off.
"I" still have a long way to go, for event photography & being shy was my number 1 enemy!

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