Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Apex-Pal Annual Dinner 2010

Till all are 1! On this day, all Sakae Sushi, Senjyu & Sakae Izakaya outlets assembled,
for Apex’s Annual dinner. When “I” say all, “I” “freaking” really mean all! Managers!
Waiters! Cooks! Accountants!
Even our distance Sakae relatives all the way from
Penang made their “special” appearance. In the words of Sakae’s all mighty creator,
we are here, at the same point of time, together as a family. The given theme of
the evening, Hawaiian Nite, & you know what that means? Colour blind’ness!

Our range of colourful people invaded the camera-man. They swarmed him like
bees in a honey buffet! Showin’ off their various action posses & “beautiful”
faces. “I” didn’t know that Sakae’s outlet was filled with cute/beautiful chicks!
In the midst of picture taking, my mouth was drooling with their cuteness &
howling noises storm my heart. ..."I" am shallow..."I" know...sigh...

While cute girls filled the air, our chefs stunned the company with their
creative land-surfing skills. Who knew that chefs were this much fun huh.

It was 9 & the show was just starting its groove, plus! “I” was as hungry as a Zombie!
Like all “freaking” formal dinners, speeches from the CEO & MD had to be made. Their
words of wisdom & encouragement, enraged the fire of the company in me. RM10,000
was to be given away to the best department & outlet, if they do "well" & it was goin
to be from his own pocket! You go Mr. Douglas Foo! “I” pondered for a sec, will that
10k go into our manager’s pocket? Or will it be split evenly? Hmmm…questions…

In the spur of the moment, the food finally arrived! Woopee”freaking”doo! It was
like heaven in my empty stomach, but! “I” the “quiet” writer had to control the pig’ness
in me. My hand reached out for tiny food-amounts. My mouth savoured every small
taste & my stomach grinned em’ very gently! Then! “I” saw it, a diamond in the rock!
Beer! They were serving it to every “freaking” table, & mine was like served the last
of em’, curses! On the downside, my innocent appearance was vanquish by my
“bottoms-up” beer drinking. My colleagues will never see me the same way again,
will “I” be their office alcoholic?
But then again, “I” found my “drinking-kaki”. It was
Sakae’s own head-chef, he was the 1 & only person that could bottoms up with me
& stayed steady, BRAVO!

Thus! The god of Sakae Sushi made his personal appearance, & a good CEO he is.
He went to every table, uttering the famous Chinese phrase of Yamseng! It was
kinda fun to scream your lung out just for the joy of it. His smile was welcoming &
on a positive note, he didn’t see like a Big-Boss at all.

The “nite” was young & entertainment was just 1 of the highlights presented.
Sakae’s best dressed was named after a few cat walks, the chick-winner was
“freaking” cute, & my co-worker was pissed at me just cause “I” whispered that
phrase in her ear. Awww, your beautiful at heart Ms. Adeline. Our funny chef Daniel
was the “boom” among the rest as he made the stage his amusement park. His ground-
surfing skills was highly welcomed by the audience as they stood up & cheered him
for more! He was literally a comedian in disguise!

Next up, the hula-hoop competition. Bein half tipsy, “I” laugh at my fellow colleagues
like Hitler laughing, as he gassed those innocent people dead! Guess who’s the
winner? It was a guy! A "freaking" guy! Who would have thought? It was always
imprinted that a gal’s hips was made for this kinda sport, right?

Just like any other annual dinners, awards would be given out, some for best chefs,
best outlet-worker & the gem of em’ all, best outlet! So if “you” the reader wants
the BEST service & BEST quality sushi, you gotta go to….drum roll please!

Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang!

As this being Sakae’s 5th year in Malaysia, the longest staff gets the greatest
of prizes, Iphone4 & an I”freaking”Pad! “I” want 1 too! But the question is…Can
“I” last 5 years in this company?

& just like any other dinner, goodies would be given away to those lucky peeps
with the “right” number. The grand prize was a 42inch HDTV! & “I” didn’t get it!
Nuff’ Said!

The nite was drawing to a close, all the important people was invited to the
stage for a final Yamseng toast. Being this is my 1st ever Annual Dinner, it was
pretty fun. Just seeing all outlet personal & HQ staff share the night of laughter
was heart full-filling. After a hards day work, they get to let their guard down just
for a moment in time.

“I” manage to get my picture taken with Sakae’s creator & it was a blasting fun nite
after all. Long live Sakae!

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