Wednesday, 6 October 2010

“I” am her “shoe shopping” girlfriend!

Ah office quarrels, isn’t it just the best of the entertainment world. In our high-tech
age of internet, emails were sent like 2 girls goin at it like cats in a mud wrestling
match. A fight between 2 co-workers, 1 on the right side of the force & another
DEAD WRONG! Obviously, the “wrong” would email her way to the death, just to
prove her innocence & the angel will “henshin” into a devil, lashing it out on her
Facebook stats.

Such a simple topic can turn as violent as World War 3! Me? Smack in the middle!
“Jeremy! Did you read her email?” A said with bulging eyes. Yes, Ms.A, “I” read 1/3
of it, “I” didn’t want to waste my time reading it to the end. “Isnt she just too much?
She….”. “I” just listen as complains came out of the mouth like fur balls.

“Dead wrong” girl still talked to me as if nothing happened, as a matter of fact, nicer
as usual! DAMMN! “I” don’t wanna listen to your side of the “freaking” story woman!
Why in the blue hell must “I” be involve! DAMMN!

“Dead wrong” girl was always in my “naughty girl” list since day 5 of the company &
“I” have gone through that burning heart sensation of A. So she has found her partner
in crime to “bitch” about “Dead wrong” girl.
“I” am her “shoe shopping” girlfriend! Her
“shoe shopping” girlfriend “I” tell you! Curses!

Bein’ in a department full of females, “I” think “I” am bein’ a bitching bitch myself. Have
to get out of this bitchy loop-hole & get a grip of myself! DAMMIT WOMAN! “I” need a
guy in this department! Hire 1 so that “I” can have some proper educational-alcohol-
drunken talks!


Kelvin said...

Chill bro, thats women for u XD

"I" the writer said...

...sigh..."I" guess so...