Saturday, 15 November 2008

S**t load of Updates!

Good day dear readers! Yes "I" the writer am back with yet another wacky POST. "I"
the writer know you insane fans of Unlimited Spot has been wondering, why oh why has
my updates been cut down. Well "I" the writer has a perfectly good explanation. Cover
your ears younglings. This could get nasty.

"I" the writer has found a new job. A job as a junior art director. Yeah! believe it or not but
the writer has my own assistance. "I" the writer could not believe it myself. It was so
sudden but was happy to get a high responsibility job. "I" the writer has to guide as pass on
my ever universal knowing knowledge and ideas to another human soul. "I" the writer feel like a
father trying to keep his legacy going but what the heck! Giving me the responsibility of the
art team! "I" the writer thinks that "I" the writer is not ready but as "I' the writer has been
given this beautiful gift. "I" the writer will use it to help the good people who needs my design
and to help these young farts team of mine to flourish into a "golden globe" winning designer.
As Stan "The Man" Lee said "With great power, there must also come great responsibility"

So "I" the writer will use this power to be a much more better person.

Its all good, the place where "I" the writer works at is like a paradise for young farts to hang
out and filled with chicks of all ages. "I" the writer always de-stress by going on walks around
my working place to "get ideas" and guess what? IT works! Cleansing my eyes does give me
good ideas for the so called "design" but with all good thing must also come a dark cloud. Its
like a McD Chinese new year value meal. You get the prosperity burger, good! curly fries,
then comes a strange drink! what the F**k! "I" the writer has to work on a Saturday!
F**k the world!
That's the downside to this "job"."I" wonder how long will "I" the writer last
in this position?

So that my explanation on not updating my WWW for quiet some time but "I" the write
will always update it at least once a week.
Thats a promise.

Me being nice....don't get to cozy with this kind of writing! F_ck! Sh_t!
fill in the blanks!

Movie Update

Astro Boy

Astro Boy Teaser Trailer will be screened in U.S cinemas in front of DreamWorks' "Madagascar:
Escape 2 Africa" as well as Disney's "Bolt".
When it apperes on the net, you bet your @$ that
"I" the writer will post it on this WWW.

Dragon Ball
Stills from the movie.

Transformers 2 get an Official Logo! & so does G.I Joe!

Movie Posters

Angels & Demons Teaser


quote of the day -
If I had mentioned Quidditch, he probably would have came in his pants.
-Role Models- Danny

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