Thursday, 20 November 2008


Have you ever been with such a F++ked up boss? A boss that will make you pissed off just
for the fun of it? A F++ked up boss that just makes your blood pressure go though the 4th

"I" the writer have just learned that. A boss that takes advantage of my "kind and nice"
heart, YES! dear readers, "I" the writer is actually a nice person but just got pissed of
by the "HEAD" of this F++king company!

Day in & day out "I" the writer am pissed off at this so called high responsibility job of
mine. Maybe the higher power is just testing my patience! "I" the writer has not been
pissed at a person no matter how bad they are but this is the "Burst Limit".

Maybe "I" the writer should move on? or maybe "The Boss" is trying to kill a person with
his boss'ness for the fun of it. Or maybe the male gender does have PMS? but who knows?
or maybe my boss wants to push me so far the edge that "I" the writer will take a chain saw
and just SAW off his f++king head!

"I" the writer am so pissed that only "cute japanese" girls can cheer me up now. Other then
that "I" the writer will just wait for the Freaking time to turn 7 then "I" the writer will
just go and watch a funny movie to keep me entertained!

F++K YOU! Mr.Boss! Hope your C++k is bitten off by a bird and Sh+t'ed out by a B+++h!

WHOA! "I" the writer is this pissed?

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cindyohsohot said...

dear "u" the writer... just so u know ur not the only 1 suffering from this kind of treatment...everyone else who has a boss suffers from that... and that's just boss material to u ... hang in there and have faith in me who has faith in u ..