Sunday, 16 November 2008

Going to the Movies using a time machine!

Dragon Ball
The outfit looks nice but the facial expression looks a bit weird

Kick-Ass - Whats Kick ass?
You gotta love the name Kick-Ass. John Romita Jr.’s cover and interior art definitely
live up to the title. From the jump pain, brutality and general mayhem of all sorts take
center stage in the comic.

Aaron Johnson stars as a teen who steps out of his house one day with a mask and
a painted baseball bat and starts to fight crime even though he has no superpowers.
Lyndsy Fonseca co-stars as the character's object of desire, with Nicolas Cage also
appearing as an ex-cop whose hatred of a drug lord forces him to train his daughter
to be a lethal vigilante.

On the set pictures.


Transformers 2
Soundwave figure?


quote of the day -
Be careful of this one, Mr Bond. She will not go to bed with you unless you give her
something she really wants... but you make a fine couple - you are both, what is the
expression? Damaged goods.
-Quantum of Solace- Dominic Greene

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