Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Avenging Spiderman

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is now on an avenging spree! With a kick
ass tag line “My friends can beat up your friends”. The Spider means business!
Together with Red Hulk, Spider-Woman & Wolverine, they’ll bring a fresh feel to
“Spidey & his amazing friends”. Joining their kick ass group is 1 of my favourite
artist, Joe Mad! His style is raw! He brings life to his strokes! He’s simply awesome!
After a few runs in the video game business, this mad Joe finally returns to the
comic multiverse.

Pre-order is open, the spider-soap-opera will be swinging onto your comic shop's
shelves this November. Oh! Oh! “I” included some teasing interior shots, enjoy!

PLUS! Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Yahoo! Just released a "butt" load of new screen shots from Mr.Bay's up coming movie.
My favorite shot, 2 brothers face off! Who will be the Ultimate Prime?

& 2 New TV Spots!

2 more week...2 more weeks...only then will "I" if "your" Transformers saga finishes with
a BANG! Mr.Bay.

BONUS! The Avengers
Oh DAMN! A sneak peak of Marvel's upcoming Avengers poster has already
hit the world wide web, we get an "unmasked" version of the actual Avengers in
full costume. DAMN!
The cast looks awesome! Cant wait for the real thing! Like
any other high budget movie, it will be released in 3"freaking"D on May 4, 2012.


ken said...

looking forward to Transformers! :D

"I" the writer said...

Yeah bub' Hope its better then 2