Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bay's Last Transformers!?

3 more weeks & Bay's 3rd installment of the alien bots will be upon us, will it be his last?
According to Sam, he told MTV that, The Dark of the Moon will be his final appearance
in franchise.

"I'm not coming back to do another one..."

He also stated state that Mr Bay is also finished with these "None biological entities".

"For sure," [Shia] replied, when asked if it was really his last turn as Sam. "I'm not
coming back to do another one. I don't think Mike [director Michael Bay] will either.
It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine
they'll reboot it at some point with someone else."

Shia also proclaimed that The Dark of the Moon is the best of the 3 films, so why reboot?

"[It's] the best movie we've made, I'm serious," he said. "It's not a joke. I'm dead honest,

man. I get myself in trouble all the time, but this is our best installment. It's our best movie."

have read mixed review about this 3rd & final installment of Bay's Transformers, so
if Shia says that "its the best!" Well, "I" will not jump for joy or be climaxing any time
soon, but, it looks like "I" will have to see it to believe it this 29th June. Only then will
"I" applaud Mr.Bay for a job well done, on the effect, the storyline, not so much.

On the up side, here's an introduction to yet "another" NASCAR brother, Leadfoot!

PLUS! Daredevil Joins the NEW AVENGERS!
After the scared events of Shadowland, Daredevil rejoin his fellow Knights,
Spider-Man, Iron Fist & Luke Cage to confront the ongoing "Fear Itself" conflict.

BONUS! The Top 10 Reasons you should Date an Older Woman
Another survey conducted by the land of anime's origin, Japanese men were
asked what personalities they think that would make dating an older "chick"
would benefit em' &
here's their list:.

1. She’ll spoil you

2. She’s sensible

3. She’s hostile but warm inside

4. She’s spontaneous

5. She’s good at spoiling you

6. She’s a quick thinker
7. She is interesting to converse with
8. She has a high income
9. She’s “my pace”

10. She’s a good drinker (*Like)

Well, looks like "I" have to try dating an older woman next time, maybe...2 years older...
Or do what the girls are doin', merry em' while their about to "buy the farm", then "I" will
inharite their buckets of money! Muahhahahhaha!! Genius!!!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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