Monday, 3 January 2011

Hello '11!

2011 already! DAMN! A decade has descended & a new beginning is upon me. 2010
wasn't exactly a walk in "candy-land" but non the less, my "form" has evolved into
just that bit of a better person. My job has kept me on my toenails, learned much
from the marketing side of thing & my shy'ness is not that as compared to the year
before. So this year! '11, "I" expect something different! The List:

Cut down my toys & comics
Counting my expenditure, my hobby is expensive! "I" can spend up to 900 a month
or so on em', its an addiction that "I" have to reduce, no matter the cost. It may be
hard, like trying to quiet smoking, but "I" will do my best! Should "I" just get rid of all
me old stuff? Just a thought.

Work from another state
Getting this strong emotion of adrenaline! "I" wish to get experience from the other
side of this "fine" country, wanting to work in Malaysia Borneo is just a wanting of
mine for now. Just a year will do, nothing permanent. Will it come true? Its all in
my hands.

Starting own business
As the old people say, you cant work for people forever, be your own boss. Dont
wanna jinx anything, but "I" hope my research turns out to be successful & "I"
am able to go into the business world on my own, or with an trusted associate.
Online store are the future after all.

Getting a girl
The worst luck among all, years of being single & being "used" by girls. This
is my ignorance of being too nice & naive...sigh...Hope this year, my princess
charming will be a reality!

Getting connected with "family"
We see each other everyday & yet we are countries apart, only me & my mum.
"I" must learn to open up to her in times of need & also try to be apart of her life.
Have to take her out more often then usual, or even catch a movie or 2 every
once in a while. This is my goal, gotta appreciate her!

Church activities
Not the holiest person on the block, "I" have to start giving back & stop giving
excuses for not goin' to church. "I" kinda feel bad, when they need me for something
"I" try to fade away. This time "I" will support my church in any way that "I" can, do
my best for them!

Learn to Save!
Nuff' Said!

"I" can talk the talk but can "I" walk the talk? Beats me, but "I" am willing
to give it a world!

PLUS! '11's movies "I" look forward too!
With a new year brings new hope for more awesome movies on the silver screen.
Hope they turn out as good as "I" hope!

Captain America: The First Avenger - July
Thor - May
Cowboys & Aliens - August
X-Men First Class - June
Super 8 - June
Conan The Barbarian - August
Sucker Punch - March
I Am Number Four -February
Transformers 3 - June
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tide - May
The Hobbit: Part 1 - December
Priest - May

BONUS! Lara Re-Imagined!
Forget that sexy elegant Lara Croft that you all fantasized about, this new Lara is
all about the action! She is gonna be more gritty, realistic, macho, brutal & freaking
filthy! Square is giving this character a total "image-transformation".

As you can see, the graphics looks hyped up for the next-gen console, & to the
looks of it, developers took an inspiration from Uncharted series in more ways than one.

Developers said that they wanted to "soften up" the character:
What dropped away pretty quickly was the hardness that she had.
She is strong & we love Lara Croft for that strength, but she was
almost so strong that we were always one step away from her.

That was one thing that we all agreed on right away – to try &
soften her up enough so that you could step into her life. All of
the character design decisions came from trying to make her
believable. We didn’t want to make her a sexual object. She is
a character that we want you to believe in.

Thus! A new savior is born! A newly improved Tomb Raider, a bad ass with
no sex appeal!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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