Sunday, 13 March 2011


Yeah, "I" am playing Houdini on me blog-crib. Feeling on a down-low this past few
week & since then, my lil' blog & other stuff has become a victim of my melancholy.
My life like a lake, divided into a stream of rivers, "I" must choose the path that is
right for me. Confused & in turmoil, my road is uncertain. Driving in pure darkness.

PLUS! Movies of the Future!
An almighty spam of movies & series to come! & Just to clear the air,
whats up with those collage ads before the movie? Bring back those
"freaking" awesome alcohol commercials!!

The Hangover 2

Apollo 18
Is it just me? or, are people getting a wee too excited over documentary movies...


Bad Teacher
This! "I" gotta watch! An inspiration piece to be a lecturer!

The Smurfs
Hollywood, a place where "they" explode a nuclear bomb on your childhood
toons, & its in 3 "freaking" D

Let's Go Kamen Riders

Conan the Barbarian
Enter the new barbarian!

Puss In Boots
The "pussy-cat" gets his own feature film

Ah! My sweet lil Ellen Page, you look mighty fine in that outfit ;)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Nicktoon re-creates these mutated turtles in 3D! & it has the green light for 26 episodes.

Tron Uprising
Elijah Wood lends his voice to this 10-part micro-series.

BONUS! Facebook has its own keyboard!
Believe it! The universe's most beloved social network is so freaking famous that,
a keyboard was design for its usage. The Social Network Access Keyboard aka
S.N.A.K, has an 19 additional social network "hot-keys" for easy usage. Not only
that, this lil thing requires a "special" piece of software to be installed on your system
in order to work, that means, your Facebook keys are disabled on the keyboard & no
living soul can get quick access to your account! Awesome! For Facebook-oholics
of course!

Yuki, the blogger from the land of "kawaii" girls, "I" am praying for your beloved
country & may peace be with those who are discourage by mother nature's wrath!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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